Supporting Autistic Candidates

A great deal has been written about autism in the last few years —with time dedicated to how businesses can harness the unique qualities of autistic candidates — those with savant qualities particularly.

Our learning and development platform for candidates has recently been enhanced by advice from Jonathan Andrews, a soon-to-be-trainee lawyer at Reed Smith, who has become a speaker and advocate for autistic people in the workplace.

His advice has been added into sections on Selling Yourself, Being Authentic and Disclosing your Challenges — subjects which are core to any interview and potential much more demanding for anyone who is different from their peers.

We passionately believe businesses should support candidates with best-practice advice from experts, rather than hoping in-house recruiters or agents will give good advice to everyone.  By co-operating with experts we’re building a learning platform that is truly inclusive.

Jonathan is, by his own admission different from his peers — but this is unlikely to be the detriment of his career (or his employers). Another reminder that difference is not an indicator of a persons capacity to contribute to the bottom line.

To see Jonathan’s advice to candidates, please just get in touch.