Candidate Education

Our professional education platforms work with your ATS — guiding candidates to develop skills, insight and confidence before they are assessed.

Our resource library includes covers over twenty interview related subjects, like ‘selling yourself’, ‘exploring personal values’ and ‘researching a new market’. The delivery reflects diverse perspectives and is accessible to all.

We customise to each client's budget, brand, culture, competencies and user group use-cases.

We believe anyone asked to do an interview should be supported — whether they are internal, external, senior or junior.

This practical approach addresses the ‘other side of the coin’ from individual bias.
— HRD, Public Sector, UK
Consulting Services  — picture

Diagnostic Consulting

We help businesses analyse and define where superficial barriers and biases exist in their recruitment systems and processes. We seek scalable, systemic shifts in how clients secure the best and most diverse range of talent. 

Our diagnostic consulting services are facilitated by data, employer-brand, candidate-experience and assessment experts in conjunction with Talent Collective . We look across your talent acquisition lifecycle and systems to identify improvements, technology options and define priorities that deliver ROI over symbolism.

Bursts of activity to meet limited diversity targets do not help anyone identify sustainable shifts
— 30% Club
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Blended Coaching

We blend coaching and online education, so high-priority or internal candidates 'stretch' for new career opportunities.

Returning mums, veterans, internal-candidates and diversity candidates are often priorities, who deserve extra support.  Combining online learning with one-to-one coaching is an easy way to enhance, measure and extend their learning journey — it is also exceptional value for money. 

To deliver we work with many independent career and leadership coaches — who utilise our online resources and data-tracking as a framework.

Blended coaching can boost your talent mobility and diversity in your leadership pipeline.   

“Businesses must re-think their role as consumers of ‘ready-made’ human capital … and invest in upskilling”
— World Economic Forum