Women in City: Awards

We were delighted to support this year's Future Talent Awards — a celebration of inspirational women who are on their way to leading businesses. Nominees came from a diverse range of sectors, from Engineering, Health to the City, though each had a unique story to tell and aspirations to do business in their own style.

Every nominee was given access our learning platform and many finalists accepted our offer of one-to-one coaching support, to hone their messages to judges and build their self-confidence.  We are very thankful to all those who gave us feedback on their user experience.

Here’s an honest list of lessons learnt from their feedback:

  • Tighten up!  Some users noted that the weight of our learning content was OTT and harder to navigate that necessary.  As a result two chapters were cut (or folded into others), superfluous exercises were removed and videos re-edited.  Thank you, this is a shared learning journey.
  • Confidence matters at every level!  More macho recruiters or hiring managers have characterised our product (support) as relevant only to junior candidates. The feedback from the Awards Nominees was that most people, no matter their achievements or seniority can have a temporary wobble in self-confidence or focus, that well structured support can help alleviate, to everyone’s benefit.
  • More executive women !  – The learning experience within the Fair Hiring Project features too many men (and frankly too many white men) to be representative of the global English speaking workforce. As a result we have planned a series of video shoots with female business leaders to bring a range of perspective and styles into the experience.

We look forward to supporting the Future Talent Awards 2017….