Our learning platforms help candidates to showcase their value, strengths and personality — while collecting vital data on diversity and your brand.  

We work with employers, RPO and recruitment groups — to improve inclusion, talent mobility and the candidate experience through point-of-need learning that drops barriers, not standards.

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  • “This is a refreshing approach, taking inclusive recruitment and staff development further. Behind the simple concept, there is a real depth of understanding and content”

  • Inclusive recruitment normally means reducing bias, broad attraction and brand-marketing, but this is something new and really exciting.
    imployersRichard McKennaInclusive Employers
  • As recruiters we love giving everyone an equal chance to achieve success — and that’s the what the Fair Hiring Project is doing!”

    AndreaAndrea Williams - MDAmbition
  • Inclusive leadership and diversity start with empowering everyone to be their best. This project is a powerful innovation, looking at the ’other side of the coin’ from bias.

  • Structured support should be commonplace amongst employers that take disability and diversity seriously.

    evenbreakJane HattonEvenbreak
  • Body language makes all the difference to candidates and is hard to master. We love this project is getting this knowledge to people at a vital time.

    metaEmma, Co-FounderMetaspeech
  • Social mobility means more than adjusting selection, we must change our assumptions about what candidates can access.

    gradcoreMartin, Managing DirectorGradcore
  • Returning mothers respond with energy to employers that help them compete for quality roles. This is an intelligent step towards equality.

  • “As an Executive Search firm focussed on gender equality, diversity and inclusion this product ensures all our shortlisted candidates showcase their true talent and leadership capabilities”

    Dan GallagherDan GallagherArtica Search