Our core online learning platform, develops the self-confidence of candidates and creates an equality of access to expert advice — this is the niche we identified at start of our journey as a business.

By talking to clients and potential clients across banking, law and engineering we discovered just how little access Hiring Managers have to skills-based training. Most businesses do a good job of setting out their hiring criteria, but the limited training they give to managers is focussed on compliance, policies and the law. Of course this is essential but is unlikely to ensure ensure both parties (manager and candidate) communicate their true match and potential in interviews.

Whilst in a planing stage, we welcome expressions of interest from prospective clients who would like to up-skill their managers in a simple way. This will help us to dedicate resources and time appropriately. 

Our new Hiring Manager platform will focus on the skills behind great interviews, specifically;

  • Selling career opportunities. Selling yourself as a leader and colleague; selling your team and culture; taking another’s perspective; building rapport; standing out against rivals.
  • Etiquette and body language. Structure; styles and techniques; gravitas and body language; negotiating terms; language and jargon.
  • Selecting the best. Documented problems; evidence vs. assumption; balanced questions; scorecard systems; cultural differences
  • Pre-Interview preparation. Balanced questions; reading CV’s effectively
  • Difference, diversity and inclusion. Unconscious bias; confirmation bias; the law (UK & EU); role models; the business case for diversity

Please book a time to discuss your requirements.

Olivier Vidal.